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I Help Leadership and High Performing Teams...

Master Day-to-Day Life

Never in human history have expectations been higher for leaders!

Executive Leadership Coaching Program

We are expected to accomplish more with less, solve increasingly complex challenges in better (more humane, environmentally friendly, culturally sensitive, etc.) ways while continously adapting to new technology evolving at breakneck speeds. Sound familiar? This program is unique in that we have spent decades researching and testing the best leadership strategies available today and present you with a complete leadership toolkit to address any situation with any employee inside of any context. Our program consists of 3 sets of tools. The first we call Triage Skills, these are tools that can turn some situations around in a matter of minutes or days. The second tool set we call Advanced Leadership Skills and represent the best of the best to solve complex leadership challenges. Finally Integral Leadership Skills represent the cutting edge of proven skills that you can use to cut right to the core of any leadership challenge and formulate the ultimate solutions. Ideally we'd start here, however, there is a type of sequential development that is required, thus Triage > Advanced > Integral. This program consists of 40 1:1 coaching sessions delivered over 1 or 2 years, plus our exclusive support materials.

Do your teams have the tools to overcome constant business disruption and navigate uncertainty to reach their highest level of potential?Or are you leaving their successes to chance?

Birkman informed High Performing Teams Program

Our High-Performing Teams coaching program fuels the engine for teams to overcome these hurdles by laying the groundwork to intentionally create the Purpose, Clarity, and Psychological Safety they need to thrive. This framework, combined with Birkman’s personality data, helps solve many of the business challenges teams face, such as uprooting team conflict, generating innovative solutions, aligning departmental and company goals, generational communication, and navigating rapidly changing initiatives.

Are you a Leader having difficulties with an employee who reports to you? Or is one of the leaders who reports to you struggling with an employee? Or is there an issue among two employees (or leaders) you lead?

Conflict Resolution Program

Whatever you are facing, this program represents a complete solution. We start with an assessment of the situation by personally interviewing those involved, as well as utilizing Birkman Method assessments to test for overall compatability and expected areas of conflict based on each employees "hard-wiring" from birth so to speak. Solutions include coaching all those involved in the skills and strategies required to solve their current conflict. These skills will also prevent/minimize conflicts in the future. In our experience, if things have gone too far it is preferrable to help one or more employees secure employment with a different team or organization. In this case, this program also includesa career transition program for one employee. Finally, if the conflict involves multiple team members then we suggest the Birkman informed High Performance Teams Program.

Are you a Leader facing the challenge of laying off one or more employees? Are you motivated to maintain their dignity, provide them with a guaranteed Secure Work Coaching program, while minimize legal risk and damage to your brand, and protect your bottom line by securing the very best services for the best price?

Career Transition Programs for Individual Employees and or Teams

We have helped over 1000 employees transition successfully by providing them with Whole Person Integral solutions. Contact us to explore your unique situation and our industry-first guaranteed results.

Corporate culture refers to how things are done by the employees and teams you lead in your absence.

Corporate Culture

Paradoxically, the more you invest upfront into creating a strong and effective corporate culture, the easier your role as a leader becomes long term. Likewise, ignoring corporate culture up front will lead to increasing challenges and headaches in the long run. From an Integral Perspective, Corporate Cultures are made up of Human Individuals and Teams, all of which have needs, strengths, potentials in the four dimensions: Physical/Material, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual/Existential.

  • Physical/Material = Working Conditions, Wellness, Ergonomics, Compensation, etc.
  • Intellectual = Learning and Development, Creativity and Innovation, Systems and Technlogy, etc.
  • Emotional = High Performance Teams, a sense of "belonging" or "esprit de corps", Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, etc.
  • Spiritual/Existential = Clear sense or Meaning and Purpose, Legacy, Positive impact on Humanity and the Planet.

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