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Integral Psychology
Certification 2022

Welcome! This event was born from the question “What is a Human Being?” This is the most important question we seldom or never ask. If your goal is to reach your true potential as a Leader, Coach, Mentor, Counsellor, and/or Therapist then we must start here at the very beginning.

This program is unlike anything you have ever experienced. We start with the recognition that human beings exist in four dimensions: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual. Then we present you with a mix of intellectual/theoretical information unlike anything you have learned before and challenge you with experiential exercises designed to launch your next evolutionary step in 10 critical facets of life. Beginning at 0 with the mystery of emptiness/ the void/nothingness/aloneness and culminating with personal and professional mastery on all levels. Every month you will be reborn to a new more advanced version of you. We will provide you with ample tools you can use to continue your development long after the course is completed.

But growing towards what end you might wonder? You will also receive at minimum in depth instruction in and direct experience with two metamodels that describe the entirety of the human experience from the lowest possible experience of life, being on the verge of suicide all the way to enlightenment and beyond. Working with these maps will give you unimaginable insights into yourself and others.

The course consists of 10 modules. Each module is presented in a oneday virtual intensive per month. These sessions will be recorded and available for review. In addition, you will receive regular 1:1 monthly coaching to perfectly customize the curriculum to your life, career, and mission.

Every month you will have specific challenges to help you test and discover higher expressions of your true potential. The skills you learn are universal. Once you master them with yourself you will be able to mentor others.

You can enroll in two ways. Those called to experience an intellectual awakening can enroll in the Integral Exploration stream. Those interested in pursuing the full mystical experience are welcome to enroll in Integral Certification a track that includes additional challenges, preparation, and coaching.

Interested in learning more?

We are holding the following information events where you can learn more about this program, it’s foundations, and the instructor. Join us for these thought provoking and experiential sessions:

DECEMBER 15, 2021
7pm MST

JANUARY 19, 2022
7pm MST

January 26, 2022
7pm MST

FEBRUARY 9, 2022
7pm MST