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Surprisingly this question stumps most people. Does it stump you? We believe it to be the “most important question that is never asked”. How about now? Did you come up with an answer that fully celebrates everything that a human being is and can be? Does your answer feel complete by including the highest highs, the lowest lows and everything else you’ve ever lived or could live? If your definition of Human Beings is too small, then what chance do you have to discover your own potential? We’ve been studying human potential for decades and have discovered that unlocking this question requires knowledge and mastery in 4 areas:

  1. We start with the appreciation that human beings exist in 4 dimensions: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual. Each one of these dimensions impacts us in every moment and is the first key to unlocking our potential.
  2. Within each of the 4 dimensions above there are known levels of mastery. Meta-models are useful to help us understand where we are at in our development, as well as, what stage is next, and then what we need to do to progress.
  3. Assuming we know that we exist in the 4 dimensions above, and that meta-models guide us along the evolutionary path, then the third piece of the puzzle is accepting that we are all wired to succeed in unique ways. All the knowledge in the world can’t help you unless you become a master in mitigating your limitations and playing to your strengths.
  4. Finally, all the above means nothing unless you can create real-life results in your relationships, health, career, etc. In our opinion “the rubber hits the road” only when you can create positive results in your life at will. In other words, if you asked us “what a car is” a satisfactory answered to your questions would include us demonstrating our ability to drive ourselves to any location of our choosing under many different conditions. From our perspective then, knowing what a human being is, is ultimately of little value. It’s the ability to demonstrate what a human being is by living up to your highest potential that ultimately answer the question.
With all the above in mind, we’ve created a 1-year coaching program. As you might already imagine, it includes training, coaching and experiential exercises in:
  1. The 4 human dimensions: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual
  2. 6 meta-models, with deeper coaching into 2 meta-models that you choose
  3. Self-knowledge (World-class Assessments as well as real life testing)
  4. Our 100+ skills matrix in the 4 dimensions, including our own 10 meta-skills to gain mastery in any area of your life
Practical details:


Spiral Dynamics integral is a proven meta-model to help integrate your theoretical foundation as well as identify strengths and weaknesses in your treatment modalities


Dr. David Hawkins’ map of consciousness describes the path from despair to enlightenment and beyond.


Starting from a “Physician Heal Thyself” foundation we have the experiential training and coaching to help you unlock the secrets behind your emotions. Every negative emotion carries within it a golden nugget essential to the evolution of your consciousness.


Most Psychologists recognize that some of their wisest insights arrive intuitively. Are there energies beyond what we can measure with our 5 senses? And if so, how do you develop these to enhance your professional skills?


We train professionals in 10 Core Universal Principles that form the bedrock of therapy, counselling or coaching. Your practice will never be the same after you learn, experience and implement them.